Our commitments


People are at the heart of our strategy

For us, teamwork is the best performance lever. Clients and partners are an integral part of this team that helps us innovate and strive for excellence. Good communication throughout the life of the project is the key to success, being transparent helps us to go further and faster.

An integrated player in the real estate chain

A broad range of areas of expertise is our Group’s main strength: land management, design, construction, promotion, the Mellone Group handles the whole production chain. Thanks to a detailed analysis of lifestyles, we are able to design innovative operations that respect our environment.

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Groupe Mellone Engagements

Proximity and trust

We keep our promises, our word is our currency with elected representatives, clients, suppliers and employees. Whatever the situation, we adopt ethical conduct pursuant to the Group’s values. Commitment and perseverance are the keys to a lasting partnership.

A passion
for quality
Our success is based on the principle of cohesion. Each team is interdependent and works in synergy to design operations at the cutting edge of innovation, with safety and the quest for excellence at the core of our work. We see each project as a unique object with the meticulous eye of the craftsman.
Limiting our impact on the environment
Our duty is to think and innovate to build a better world. Being a responsible player is one of our priorities to enhance the quality of life of the occupants and the local environment. We are uncompromising in choosing more sustainable materials, in building accordance with current regulations, and in managing any disturbance associated with construction sites.